Friday, December 5, 2008

My Hubby!!

Just want to share this picture with you!
This is a Picture of my Husband in Afghanistan, where he is currently deployed to for nine months now. I am so PROUD of him!!! He should be home in about 8 days.. I am so EXCITED!!! Can't wait to have him home. My girls miss him a lot ... We are so excited to have him home before Christmas!! I just love the BG view of this picture. Look at the mountain, how cool!!


  1. Sita, I'm excited for you!! I remember many a deployment - homecomings are wonderful!

  2. How awesome he is finally coming home!! Look at that crazy road in the background, too! Wow!

  3. What a fantastic picture!! Great view, and very handsome hubby!! I'm so happy for you that he'll be home for Christmas!!!!
    hugs, Jami

  4. SO glad your hubby will be home for the holidays. I know how hard it is when they are gone for the "family" times!


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